Saturday, February 6, 2016

Catch Up on The Magicians and Catch a Sighting of My Art!

Well, we're up to episode 3 of SyFy's The Magicians and my art has bee sighted on the actual set! In a scene! Things are happening! On actual TV!
I was watching and said, "Ooooh, oooh, I 'think' I see Drawing Down the Moon!" That's Art of Magic in the corner too, I had to zoom in on the screenshot to see it, but now we know where it's placed on the set. But wait, there's more...

Quentin and Alice have been moved to the Physical Kids house, you remember, the place with the cool decor, where there's always a party happening and Eliot mixes fabulous cocktails?
As Eliot explains in episode 1, “Physical kids; telekinesis, move shit,  lift shit, most can fly, also magnificent partiers. Do not come by our house if you have anything important to do the next morning.” And that, my friends, is where my prints "Drawing Down the Moon" and "The Art of Magic" have found their home at Brakebills University! I couldn't be happier!

Right before they were shipped off to the set designers. Art of Magic  &  Drawing Down the Moon.  If you want to decorate your sacred space like the Physical Kids house at Brakebills, they're available in two sizes in our Etsy Shop.

Yes!!! That's definitely it! Eeeeeee!!! It's cool, I'm ok. Eliot, I'm gonna need one of those green glowy drinks dear.
I'm seriously enjoying this series, seeing my art is just icing on the cake.  You don't have to take my word for it, because I love you guys, I'll share a discovery: They have the first three episodes on SyFy's website right now for your viewing pleasure! I don't know how long they'll have it up, so be sure to check it out this weekend! Here's the link:
They are also available with Spanish Subtitles.

Ok, one more screen shot. Yes!!!!
Ok, yes, the art is in the background, a bit blurry and all, but hey, it's not actually a show about my art...wha?! LOL Seriously, I'm digging the story lines, it really pulls you in, I wonder if they'll show us how to do that "money coming out of the ATM" spell! Anyway, I can't wait for episode 4 on Monday! If you haven't watched yet, now is your chance to catch up on the SyFy website, here's that link again, it won't be an active link forever, so watch while you can:

Blessed Be!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday Night Magical Movie, er, Series,The Magicians Premier Tonight!

"I can't just go to Yale if I know this place exists!" 


The magic is back in Mondays! Back in July, some of you may remember, a set designer contacted me about using some of my artwork as part of the set decoration for the SyFy series they were filming, The Magicians. The Magicians is based upon the popular series of epoch fantasy books written by Lev Grossman. I watched the pilot last night on the SyFy website, (it's airing tonight, so the video is off the website now) and I was totally delighted, this is going to be a really cool series, and they used the art of a real witch on their set, so how could they fail?! My art. On TV. OMGs!  And the show? It's sexy, edgy, great music, basically, if Harry Potter took place at a Grad School in NY, that's what's going on.

This is a release form for the set designer of the upcoming SyFy series The Magicians so that they may use a couple of prints of mine as part of the set decor! Dan said, "I guess we'll be ordering this series on BluRay." Yes we will Dan, oh yes, we will. 

Ok, I didn't see any of my art in the pilot, but I wouldn't have because they filmed it before they ordered the prints, unless they really have time-travel magic! But you can bet I'll be watching every episode several times, once for the story, and the second time scanning the background on an Easter egg hunt for my prints.
The actual prints right before I packaged them up and sent them off! These are to ones to watch for in the background. Again, we won't see them in the first episode, but with a little luck and some magic, we might be lucky enough to see them in one (or more) of the other episodes!

Will one be over the top of a main characters desk and appear in every episode? Gasp! Will they be a blur in the background while people are running down a hallway? Very possible. No idea. That being said I would watch this series anyway after seeing the pilot.  I watched that first episode and loved the characters, the magic was stunning, and the story has me very curious about what happens next! They ended the pilot with one hell of a cliffhanger!

So, tonight the SyFy channel will be airing a Double Episode premier at 9/8c. So you don't have to sit breathlessly for a week to see what happens after the first episode cliff hanger! Thanks SyFy, much appreciated by those of us who love a good binge-watch, two episodes is definitely better than one!

Here's more about the series, trailers, interviews with the author and actors, bits and bobs of sneak peeks for you while we anxiously wait for the premier tonight!

Watch the background of The Magicians for Drawing Down the Moon by Mickie Mueller, read more about this art here
Watch the background of The Magicians The Art of Magic by Mickie Mueller from The Hidden Path Oracle deck, read more about the art here

Oh, did I mention, they did some car-aaazy mirror magic in the pilot!

Who wrote the book about mirror magic coming out this June? Oh, just yours truly! The Witch's Mirror does not contain the spell they performed though...

11:43 AM 1/25/2016 My friend Kathy Jo on Facebook just found this promo pic of Penny in a flaming chair with not only one, but BOTH of my prints on the wall behind him! Holy cow! I can't even believe it! Bonus, I frikkin love his character, he won me over in the pilot! Dubstep. heheh.

Blessed Be!


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A Badass Logo for Some Badass Roller Girls

I designed a logo for a local Roller Derby team that my friend Tanya is on recently, I just found out that it's been approved! Whoo-hoo! I present the official logo for Franklin County Fury!

I'm really excited, can't wait to go watch them sometime! This was a really fun project, I thought you might be interested in seeing some of the "work in progress" shots of this fun piece.

First, I submitted a sketch to make sure I was going in the right direction for what they wanted. They had shown me a couple examples of stuff they liked, and told me it should be a fierce roller derby girl with flames coming from her skates, so I went from there.

Once I had sketch approval, I hand inked the derby girl...

Then I scanned it and added the font digitally. 

Then I colored it on the computer in Photoshop using some techniques that I used to use back in my days of comic book color fill when I worked for Network Color. I turned the ink drawing into a transparency and traced each section out using the lasso tool. One by one I added color to a layer behind the inked art.

We used to add color to comic books for DC, Marvel, Disney, and Darkhorse to name a few, it was a really fun job. I met my husband Dan at that job, back then we were just friends, so when I finished up the coloring, I surprised him with it and asked, "Hey Dan, can you check my page?" It was just like the good ole days, we had a laugh over that!

I knew the ladies would want a full color version, but I figured that for some merchandise, newspapers, etc. they might need a black and white version as well, so I made sure to save an uncolored black and white version also.

What they need was a tough as nails but sexy roller girl. I had fun researching the proper protective gear, accurate poses, and wild clothing they wear. These gals proudly wear their war wounds like medals of honor, so I just had to include a band aid on her cheek and a tear in her fishnets! I wanted her to be sexy but not demure in any way, she had to "own" it, fierce and strong. 

When we talked about color, they told me that red is their team color, but they wanted some other colors in there too. Since flames was a "must-have" for all the team members, I decided to add some of that "hot blue" into the flames that you so often see and pull that color up into the roller girls outfit as well.

If you live in Franklin County and want an amazing night of fun, come check out the Franklin County Fury, also watch for t-shirts and other cool merchandise with the logo I designed for them coming soon!

Click here for Franklin County Fury Facebook Page

Want to know more about Roller Derby? Check out the Franklin County Fury FAQ

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Winter Solstice at the Cottage

The winter solstice and the celebration of Yule marks the shortest day of the year and the longest night.  The days get shorter and shorter in the winter and this day marks the mid-point the that some call the first day of winter, or more accurately, midwinter. After the solstice, the days will begin to get longer again.

Many people celebrate in many different ways, pilgrimages to sacred sites alligning with the rising sun like Stonehenge or New Grange, many do big group rituals and parties, or solemn solitary observances of the rebirth of the sun. Yesterday I celebrated quietly at our new small town cottage.

If you follow my social media you might know that we recently moved our home and studio from the country house of Aelfheim to the 115 year old small town house, Oak Haven Cottage. We love our charming new home and workspace, but between the move, illustration deadlines, and making sure our Etsy orders continued to go out regularly, I haven't had much time to blog.  I thought the quiet peace of the winter solstice was a perfect time to catch up here.
Miss Freya likes it here too, she's having a moment of zen, doing a little doggie yoga on the couch under the light of the Yule Tree.
At sunset I lit a candle that I crafted myself using recycled wax, magical oils, herbs and positive intentions. I placed it in a pretty glass tumbler with gold decorations and surrounded it with holly, ivy, and oak. One of my favorite Yule observances is to light a vigil candle at sunset to burn all through the longest night, symbolically keeping the light of the sun during its longest rest.  I had some interesting dreams through the night, all guiding me into the newly growing light ahead.
Our Yule tree is decorated differently than usual. My standard traditional decorations are in the very back of our storage shed, and tons of random stuff is piled in front and in top of it. I could have dug it all out, but in an effort to simplify, I opted instead to "make do" with some red and gold dollar store decorations this year. I found some bells to represent the ringing in of good vibrations. Various stars on the tree represent magic and the five elements of earth, air, fire, water, and spirit. Glittering pine cones hold new life within and remind us of the vibrancy that remains even though the darkest night and the coldest winter. 
After I lit my vigil candle, I went outside to see the sunset and look around, connecting with the spirits of the land. I walked around observing quietly in the early evening on this sacred sabbat.
The light glowed merrily from the window of the attic studio, Dan was up there working on orders for our Etsy customers, I would go up and assist him shortly. The big white oak offers its energy to this turn of the century house. I wonder about the past residents and imagine their faces gazing out of that window, how the sights have changed over the years.
My cauldron of sage has taken up residence on the front porch, it's still got some life in it here at midwinter, I wonder if the green will last until spring.
We have no outlets outside, so solar lights frame the doorway. I like the symbolism of gathering the sunlight all day so that the lights glow with that energy at night. As a bonus, my electric bill doesn't increase because of adding holiday lights, very earth friendly. I'm planning to get more strings of solar lights for next year! 
This fairy is camped out by another solar light in a garden bed. I think she's wondering if there are bulbs or other annuals beneath the earth resting and dreaming of the coming spring. I'm looking forward to discovering what wildflowers will spring up in the yard, which birds will browse at the bird feeders, how the sunlight will fall so I can decide where to plant a a few things in the spring and summer. 

Until then, I'll spend time getting to know the rhythms of small town life.

Blessed Be,

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A New Deck Project for Mickie and Dan!

I have a big announcement:  I have a new contract to illustrate and co-author a brand new tarot deck for Llewellyn! Who is my co-author? Some of you might be familiar with him, Dan Mueller, the new member of the Llewellyn family of authors! 

Contracts for a new Tarot deck, one for me and one for Dan! 

Many of you know him as my husband, or as the craftsman who produces, manages, and ships my art products, but many people don’t know, Dan is a hell of a writer.  He was writing short stories back when I met him, and we even worked together briefly on several test pages for a graphic novel style adaptation of one of his stories.  With tons of AP English and creative writing classes under his belt, his wordsmithery had remained previously unreleased, but not for long.  When the concept for this new deck came about, we spent hours brainstorming ideas, pouring over the concepts for cards, and the next thing I knew, I had a writing partner! Happily, after they reviewed our sample art and text the good folks at Llewellyn agreed, and we’re now joining forces on this new project. Wonder-Spouse powers unite!! 

Lighting up the night like a mirror in the sky!
A deck of 78 cards takes about 24 months to complete, so hang in there.  The subject and title is top secret at this point, but I think you guys will be really pleased with this new project we’re teaming up on just for you! I know you're wondering what the theme of this tarot deck is going to be. well, it's kind of innovative, so I can't reveal it's secrets at this time, but we will let you know as soon as we can. For those of you who know Dan personally, no, it's NOT a J.R.R. Tolkien Tarot deck, nor is it a Dune deck! 
A spectral snake conjured out of thin air.

Dan and I have a great mental shorthand, he describes things and I totally get it. He can interpret my roughest sketches to know if I'm getting what he's describing, so it's working out to be a great partnership. 
Smudge to purify your space.
He and I dug through tarot symbolism and meanings together like mad and came up with a great deal of the concepts for what each card will look like already.  Most of the first chapter is done, so that leaves me currently working through the art for the major arcana while Dan and I write through the text for each one as they're completed.  He's doing the lions share of the writing at this point which leaves me time to work on the art. I've included a couple detail shots of the cards for you to get the tiniest glimpse, we will keep working diligently so that hopefully we can have this project completed for you as soon as possible.
This one should brighten up your day!

I hope you enjoyed this really sneaky sneak peek!

Blessed Be!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Announcing "The Witch's Mirror" by Mickie Mueller

Last year around this time I had an opportunity to submit a proposal for a book in Llewellyn's Witch's Tools series, a book about magical mirrors! I was intrigued. I have used mirrors in my practice from time to time, both black scrying mirrors and silver mirrors to reflect negativity away, multiply abundance, or boost candle magic; so I dug into the topic wholeheartedly.

As I worked on writing the proposal and eventually the manuscript, lots of connections with mirrors came to mind. I remembered all those nights playing Bloody Mary with my friends, the time I used a mirror meditation to help me recover from a difficult divorce, I even thought about my grandfather who was a highly respected craftsman of telescope mirrors in his day. Mirrors he crafted were in telescopes in every state in the United States. I thought he would approve of my project.

The Witch's Mirror is available for pre-order and will be out June 8 2016 Click here for the Amazon listing. 
Isn't this cover a hoot?! I'm so pleased with how it came out! My fantastic editor Elysia Gallo and I came up with the basic concept and gave our ideas to cover illustrator John Kachik and let his creativity reign supreme. I'm delighted with the results!  As an illustrator myself, it was important to me to hand him the concept and then step way back and respect his process, seeing the magic he worked, it was well worth it.

I had a lot of fun working on this book, I can't wait to share it with you.  I've included folklore and pop culture regarding mirrors, spells for just about every purpose using mirrors, mirror washes and condensers, meditations, where to find magic mirrors, even instructions on how to make many of your own mirrors for specific purposes.  Even if you've never used mirrors for magic, you will find some kind of wonderful use within these pages to inspire you to look at mirrors in a whole new way.

This is an actual mirror that I made as part of this book, and yes, I have included instructions for making your own, it's easier than you might think to create this oeil de sorciere, a special kind of convex witch's mirror!

The Witch's Mirror is the fourth book in Llewellyn's The Magical Tools Series proceeded by The Witch's Broom by Deborah Blake, The Witch's Wand by Alferian Gwydion MacLir, and The Witch's Athame by Jason Mankey.  I have enjoyed the honor of illustrating the interiors of all of these books, and I'll be illustration my own, and the rest in the series as well.  The beautiful cover art for all of these books was created by the talented and inspiring John Kachik, and the book cover design is by the amazing Lisa Novak.
A scrying mirror I made ages ago, it ended up in a good home of one of our Etsy friends.

Like the rest of the books in this series, there are brief contributions by other authors who talk about their personal uses of each tool and The Witch's Mirror is no exception.  I was so happy to have Raven Digitalis, Melanie Marquis, Blake Octavian Blair, Natalie Zaman, Lisa Allen Calantriniel, Charlynn Walls, Autumn Damiana, David Salisbury, Michael Furie, and Judika Illes all share their personal uses of magic mirrors in the "Reflections of Real Witches" segments sprinkled throughout this book.
This is one of my Witch's Mirrors, it lives above my old wooden art table. It belonged to my grandpa and before that it was on his family farm where he grew up. So what is its magic you ask? It has three purposes, one is that it multiplies the magic that happens on top of my art table altar, the second is for feng shui since my back is to the front door it reflects behind me keeping power at my desk. The third thing this mirror does is remind me of where I come from and brings the energy of my ancestors forward with me in my path in life

I still have to create the illustrations for this book, I have lots of mirror crafts to show you; jewelry, enchanted mirrors, candle holders, mirrored items and more.
Occasionally I make these one of a kind hexenspiegel charms and sell them in my Etsy shop.  A hexenspiegel is a special mirror carried on the person or displayed in the home to shield the user from the evil eye and all forms of negative energy, and yes, instructions for creating your own hexenspiegels and enchanting them are also included in The Witch's Mirror.

The art of looking glass magic puts you in touch with your own spirit and gives you new ways to manifest abundance, protection, glamour, healing, and divination among many other magical uses. Would you like to know how to find, create, and use magical mirrors for scrying, spells, amulets, and more? With the secrets of the witch's mirror at your fingertips, gaze into your own magical mirror, what will you discover?

A portable mirror can also be enchanted for all kinds of magic it's really a versatile powerhouse for any kind of spell work.

Watch for The Witch's Mirror in bookstores everywhere June 8, 2016, among the first to explore the secrets of The Witch's Mirror when it comes out and pre-order here:

Blessed Be!


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Llewellyn's Sabbat Essentials: Mabon

It's the Autumn Equinox, and amongst the many things that I'm acknowledging gratitude for today is the box full of books I illustrated that came in the mail from Llewellyn last week! Today I thought it would be appropriate to share the Llewellyn's Sabbat Essentials book Mabon by Diana Rajchel!

I currently have a crystal grid set up, so instead of my usual seasonal altar, I added my Mabon items around the grid so as not to disturb it. Included is an electric candle and wrap made by my mom, you can see more of her work at 

Apples hanging out among the crystals will become some kind of dessert later.

This is the chapter opener for the "Old Ways" chapter where Diana discusses old Traditions celebrating the harvest.

Last year when I was working on these illustrations I was cracking up watching the squirrels running across the yard harvesting acorns, so I had to include one in the "New Ways" chapter opener.

I loved her description of the scarecrow from the crafts section, this guy was fun to draw with his dismayed expression.

The lovely Demeter with many other magical correspondences grace this page.
I love the crow on the cover, the cover art was designed by the talented Kevin R. Brown.

I hope you enjoyed this peek into Mabon from the Llewellyn's Sabbats Essentials.  Think mindfully about all that you're grateful for today, thank the Universe, and appreciate all the little things in life. The world is a magical place!

Blessed Be!